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In Uncategorized on December 20, 2012 at 6:04 am

Exponents of satire and parody were facing the collapse of their industry yesterday as the US gun lobby remained stubbornly beyond caricature for the third consecutive quarter.

‘We’ve been hit very hard,’ said Steve Husband (43), general secretary of the Amalgamated Union of Amateur Parodists. ‘The American Gun Society now want to guard against school shootings by arming the teachers. The reception class teachers.

‘Many of our members were relying on that joke to see them through the winter, and now it’s come up in the real news, they’re facing a very tough Christmas indeed.’

The announcement comes after a difficult week for satirists, as Murdoch associates headed an inquiry into ethics at the BBC, a Conservative politician and the Metropolitan Police accused each other of lying, UKIP established itself as the third force in British politics, and nobody mentioned global warming at all.

‘We’ve been struggling for a long time to keep the jokes different from real news,’ said Mr Husband. ‘But this might very well finish us off. I mean … arm the teachers? How do you take the mickey out of that? Tell me, how?

‘How long before someone suggests arming the f*****g kids?’


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