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In Uncategorized on January 7, 2013 at 8:28 am

In a shameful indictment of Tory welfare cuts, the British economy (1,603) has been deemed fit to work.

The economy has been diagnosed with toxic debt, paper money syndrome and fake austerity syndrome, and was forced to give up its job providing jobs, homes and a livelihood to millions of families, and live off quantitative easing.

The Government insists that under their new employment and support allowance scheme, which replaces incapacity benefit, “those found to be too sick or disabled to work won’t be expected to”.

But the economy has been repeatedly declared fit for work, despite being completely f*****d, under the Coalition DON’T-GIVE-ATOS scheme.

The economy wrote to the Department for Work and Pensions urging them to reconsider his position, but its plea was rejected.

A spokeswoman for DON’T-GIVE-ATOS declined to comment, saying, “It’s not that we’re under some embargo about talking to the press, or anything. It’s more that we just don’t give a toss.”


With apologies to the Daily Record.


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